Laptop keyboards usually collect a lot of grime and dust and many people wonder how to clean a laptop keyboard, so that it can have a longer life. Before you start cleaning it, you need to turn the machine off and unplug it. Completely disconnect the laptop and remove all the USB wires and memory devices. For a general cleanup, it’s enough if you just tilt the device a little forward and bang it lightly with your hand on the back. If anything is lodged between the keys, this action will make it fall out. This is one way of helping you to know how to clean keyboard. For a more extensive cleaning between the keys, you can make use of a teaspoon. Take a teaspoon end and wrap the end with a soft, wet wipe. Gently drag the end of the teaspoon thus swathed all along the key edges to remove all dirt and grime.

Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Alternatively, you can also use a vacuum cleaner and just run it all over the keys. This is actually effective in removing a lot of fine dust as well. You can also use your hair blow dryer after wiping the keyboard first for a general cleanup. There are many small, portable vacuum cleaners with toothbrush sized brushes, capable of sucking up the dirt in the keyboard.

Removing the Keys

How to Clean Laptop Keyboard

In case you want to know how to clean laptop keyboard more thoroughly, you will have to remove the keys. This can be a little annoying and time consuming. You need to make a research of the laptop brand and see whether the keys can be removed or taken off. Only some laptop brands allow the removal of keys. If this is possible, remove the keys and keep them safely somewhere. Repeat the action mentioned above with the teaspoon and wet swipe. You can also use tips that are immersed in alcohol or hydrogen peroxide or any other cleaning liquid that evaporates quickly. This prevents the moisture from being retained in the keyboard. Allow to dry for a few minutes and then replace the keys back on the laptop. Some laptops come with keys that have stands on the back. These keys can be easily slid back on the stands and rails and, in some cases you may need to depress the key corners to clean them. After removing the keys, you can also wash them and wipe them dry.

Some Tips

Remember to make a diagram of the keyboard, so that you place everything back in the same place. You can also take a photograph of it. You can clean them with alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. See to it that you do not drip the alcohol inside the keyboard. Never use any spray cleaner directly onto the keyboard. Use a flathead screw driver in order to enable easy popping off of the keys, but do it gently.